Blog Post #1 The beginning

Nicholas Abbott
2 min readOct 24, 2020

Not really sure how I want to write this but my dad suggested I start writing a blog to practice my writing for the future book I want to write. It’s going to be a murder mystery and I can barely say I have started. I think it will be a whodunnit with 8+1 murder victim, but I’m not even sure I want there to be only one victim. My favourite book is “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie so you can imagine where my inspiration lies.

I might do something similar with consecutive deaths trying to figure it out, or do something like danganronpa where the characters are forced to kill to try and escape. All I do know is that my goal is to try and make the characters choose to stay rather than to be trapped together for the sole purpose of trying to make it more realistic. I think a lot of stories fall into the trope of the characters not really making sensible decisions most of the time, which I want to avoid. Having the characters choose to stay and actively try to solve the mystery/interact in a logical way I think will make the story easier to believe?

I’m not sure what the best word is but the best way I can explain it is that in my opinion the most satisfying part of reading a mystery novel is being able to feel like your ability to notice clues and hints is actually going to lead to some sort of payoff. Having the characters make decisions that logically make sense seems like a good way of having the clue gathering portion of the book be more honest and capable for people to pick up on.

I guess I have the first topic for my blog, which is nice because I think I have an idea on future posts that I can use that goes along with one of the reasons I wanted to have it. Talking about cool stories I have read or cool ideas is something I’m interested in, and it can help with facilitating my thought process for my own book. Maybe my goal with these blogs should be to fully flesh out my idea for a story, and talk about the things I learned or observed reading/watching other stories.

I also don’t really know what schedule I should try to put these out. Maybe I just stack up a few days ideas or just release sporadically.