Blog Post #10 No I didn’t miss a month

Nicholas Abbott
3 min readSep 13, 2021


I have a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why I didn’t post a blog on August, the reason is it was impossible for me to. Now if that doesn’t sound plausible, you are correct. How can it be that for the entire month of August I couldn’t write a blog post? The answer is deceptively simple, I could but I’m gonna lie and say I couldn't absolving me of all guilt.

Now that that is out of the way lets go onto what has been going on in my life since I last left you. I lost playoffs 0–3 and it made me depressed. Ok that's pretty much it now I am just in the fallout of the season, trying to find ways to spend my time that actually feel substantial and not like I’m just autopiloting through this portion of my year. This time period is often where I can do all the things I put off during the split but it always seems to be that when the time comes I don’t know what to do. This period in my life is essentially the waiting period for the next split and upon reflection this year I have realized I have grown a lot. I don’t really want to get into it much but some personal issues I have gotten a better understanding of and I am becoming much better at understanding my own emotions and feelings.

On to more lighthearted news I have been consuming media still throughout the past 2 months, I’m sure I have forgotten a bunch of the stuff I have read but I have been less attached to ideas and more concerned with structure when it comes to reading now. I try to focus on the decisions the author has made in terms of developing the story in a certain way rather than ponder too much about the critical decisions the characters will have to make. I feel that if my story is too reliant on the plot it will take away from the potential that plot has which is why I am moving on. It is hard for me to give an example but I will say that I have been much more impulsive about my decisions to read a bad story. I am much more strict about what I deem good enough and I have been quickly discarding stories I feel won’t suit my desires. This is partially to not feel like I’m wasting my time doing something I don’t enjoy but also because I feel like I learn a lot more from a story that I am actually invested in, as it allows me to notice finer details. Now it could be the reverse in that what makes me invested are these finer details but I’m not too perturbed about which it is all I know is that it is getting harder and harder to find content I want to read about.

If you are curious about what I have read the standouts are The Legendary Mechanic and Emperor of Solo Play which are both similar to solo levelling and they were both interesting for a bit but something about it made it lose its spark. I think the legendary mechanic had the problem of getting too big too quickly, I stopped after they went to outer space and it just seemed to be too much for me but I’m not really sure what there was too much of. Emperor of Solo Play I think just got a bit lazy, I feel it moved away from what grabbed me initially and really focused on the parts that I really didn’t give a shit about and it made me a lot less invested. I tend to judge my favourability to a story by how much I want to do other things while the story is ongoing. If I want to do nothing but read it I know that I am really enjoying it, that scale will go until I realize I would rather do almost anything except read it.

I am in-between reading things and I hope the next thing I read is something good, I will try to think more about things to write about for this blog as well as I am not really sure what to write about so I won’t overdo it. Thank you for reading and I will try to not forget again pinky promise except I probably will.