Blog Post #13 Update

Nicholas Abbott
2 min readJan 1, 2022


Happy New Year everyone! Today’s blog will be slightly different in that it won’t be restricted to specifically my writing/idea farm but more to my mental state and what I’ve learned from this past year as well as moving on to next year. It was another year of COVID which meant less familial interaction than I would have hoped but aside from that my life didn’t change too severely. It is unfortunate there were no fans for LCS this year but I’m excited to be playing in the upcoming split where (hopefully) fans will be present for the entire duration.

This past offseason, I have had a lot of time to think and I have had a change in the way I view life and competition in general. It would be hard to explain precisely how it’s different but suffice to say that I have matured as a whole and will come into the next year more focused and driven. I hope to be more efficiently spending my time, and utilize every second of every day in the way that will best align with what I truly want in life.

I will continue to make monthly blog updates with a return to form in January, and I am cautiously optimistic that I begin to form the basis for what I actually want to write about. If I don’t that’s ok but it doesn’t hurt to be hopeful. I have started building habits that hopefully I will continue to do after the split has started for us, as that has always been the death of all habits I try to form in years prior. Specifically I’m trying to do the daily chess puzzle, the NYT mini crossword of the day, as well as the Merriam-Webster word of the day. It usually takes no more than 10 minutes and I think it will greatly benefit my overall mental acuity and expand my vocabulary (something I want to do irrespective of writing.)

I am still reading random translated novels online, I finished reading Library of Heaven’s Path shortly after my previous blog. I didn’t realize how close I was to the finish but I’m already a heft way through my next novel “Rebirth of the Thief who Roamed the World.” I wanted to read a novel similar to my favourite “Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God” and this was a highly rated related story, and it’s pretty good but not quite as good as ROTSSG. The key difference however is this has a fixed end point (I think) and that makes me optimistic for the ending sufficiently tying all the loose ends together and that is an area where ROTSSG failed miserably.

I don’t want to write too much as it is New Year’s Eve for me, so I will end it there. Thank you so much for reading and hope you have a wonderful 2022!