Blog Post#16

Nicholas Abbott
2 min readMay 1, 2022


I have been catching up on a lot of material that I have been wanting to read, and these past months I have been thinking about a myriad of concepts that I never got to fully explore in written form. I wish I wrote about them when I was inspired by them at the time but that is not the world we live in.

There are a lot of minor decisions that you make on the road to creating your own story, such as setting, genre, history, language, geography, and religion. Together they will create the world as a whole and if great care is not shown the world will indicate that. For my own story I am finding it harder and harder to commit to any decision because every decision I do make could be a misstep.

My current idea for backstory and driving force behind the protagonist/antagonist duo is the MC’s parent’s are killed by the antagonist. I’m pretty sure I’m the first person to think of such a heartless thing to do but this is why I think I will make a good story, the diamond hiding in my brain. Anyway the more interesting idea I had is a bit hard to explain. There is a line in Age of Ultron that “strength incites challenge” which essentially means that the existence of a powerful person will naturally produce opposition that will attempt to overcome it. This ideology will be combined with understandable revenge/justice. If there is great evil then morally speaking it is correct to try and purify/remove it. If the MC’s parents/town are genuinely but secretively evil, if the “antagonist” killed them they could be seen as an evildoer despite removing the evil from the world. This will show the antagonists strength inciting the MC to grow stronger to be able to combat them and begin the story. The antagonist does not have the ability to prove they were in the right, and decides to fake their death/hide their identity to not incite people to look for him or grow strong to try to take revenge. The MC will have some form of proof that the antagonist is “bad” but also still alive.

The problem with this whole idea is eventually the two will meet and the conflict will resolve itself in words. At that point I don’t know what I want to do, I am at a loss but I like the basis behind this if anything.

These blogs are a lot harder to write for than I remember, I apologize for the short entry but I am having serious writers block. I will try to post more updates next month to compensate, thank you for reading.