Blog Post #2 Electric Boogaloo

Nicholas Abbott
3 min readNov 3, 2020

To help plan more for my next blog I just wrote tidbits of things that interest me or concepts I thought could be explored more, but because I didn’t give enough background info to remember why I was so interested in the first place it is not as easy to talk about the interesting topics. I think I will add more info next time.

That being said I wrote down “Being forced to use your strongest attack unwillingly” as something I thought was worth talking about but I don’t remember why. I recognize that it is most certainly not an original idea and I’m sure it had something to do with the manga I was reading at the time; namely I read/caught up on Quan Zhi Gao Shou, Tomb Raider King, and Virtual World: Close Combat Mage since my last post so I’m sure it was inspired by something I read in one of those.

I think that it stems from a very common trope being hiding your own power so as to not give off too much information, but I think it could definitely be an interesting way of creating conflict with an OP character which is always the hard part. It could create depth or introduce a new type of villain that has a unique power, or just be used to develop the MC as a backstory. That being said I was extremely interested in this idea and I understand it doesn’t really fit a murder mystery genre but most of the things I read lately aren’t mysteries so I am often thinking of cool ideas for more action adventure type stories.

Moving along to the next thing I wrote down being about something that may not necessarily be restricted to stories but could apply in some aspects in real life. “Nicest guy pushed to the edge going crazy” is something that I think is always very exciting and cool to see and has been done plenty of times in amazing ways. You can also see it sometimes in real life but it isn’t always necessarily true, but it does follow through that someone who is normally reserved and kind automatically has an extra layer added to whatever negative emotion they do end up showing.

Even if they were to say the same thing as another person it would just sting a little more coming from such a kind soul. Moreover generally the fact that they so rarely show these outbursts makes them also feel very intense and genuine because of the pent-up emotions that leads to an outburst. It also is more interesting to me because I can empathize and see myself as one of the people that gets pushed to their limit and explodes on someone.

Not to paint myself as a super nice/kind person but I have been told that I have a super good mentality when it comes to tilt in League due to my ability to shrug off toxicity and try to get everyone to still work together. You can see the similarities between that perception and the perception of one of the kind people in these stories, and why it hits extra hard for me. I also get a bit jealous of those people because it would feel so good to actually do that. The dopamine release would actually feel so nice but I never actually do it because I know it isn’t good to in the context of the game, and I know I won’t care after like 2 days max so OH WELL. Maybe it is wishful thinking but I think I could really eviscerate someone if I really wanted to and I also think it would be really funny after a while but idk.

I had one more note but I think I’ll save it for the next post and try to publish it faster this time. It’s about a social deduction game idea but I think I need more time to think on it to properly talk about it. I also forgot to put a title the first time publishing this so I apologize if the formatting is a little wack, it did look better earlier I promise.